NOOOO! Left-Over Halloween Candy!

imagesM9DWMM67Is there anything scarier than seeing a big candy bowl of mini chocolate bars left over from Halloween on your kitchen counter? It seems to be staring back at you, taunting you, haunting you. EEEAAT MEEEE! As if you hadn’t already gorged on 10 or 11 of them Halloween night. Actually if you want to be truthful about it, you have been taste-testing them all week. Here you are, looking into the bowl, rifling through what is left and wishing they were all gone. The inevitable is going to happen you say to yourself. You are probably going to polish them all off. A thought quickly comes to you: maybe the sooner I eat them, the sooner I can go on a diet. But it is quickly dismissed by remembering how everyone brought their Halloween leftovers to the office last year.  Monday morning your office will be transformed to Candyland. What is one to do?

OK stop right there. You have a choice. You are not a slave to the Halloween candy sitting in that bowl. You have a few options at hand other than just putting them down the hatch. So you had a few over the last two or three days no need to beat yourself over it. I am sure you already feel physically sick from all the sugar. That is punishment enough. Beware of the dieting mentality. It is punitive and we are only going to put up with that for so long. How about moving towards recovery? All that sugar in the last few days has done some damage (not only to your self-esteem). It weakens your immunity and increases your stress levels. That is not good with winter (and Christmas holidays) just around the corner. Instead of putting more sugar in your system, let’s think of ways to decrease our sugar intake so we can be strong and healthy for winter. Here are some ways:

1. Left-over candy doesn’t need to hang around. Food bank donation boxes are easy to find in your grocery store. Give it away! If you are on the cheap side and can’t bring yourself to give it away, my answer to that is your $5 worth of candy is nothing compared to the value of health.

2. If you know there is going to be candy brought to your workplace bring fruit or healthy snacks to munch on when you feel tempted.

3. Be sure not to skip meals or snacks. This will cause your blood sugar levels to crash causing sugar or high caloric cravings.  The first sight of a chocolate bar will having you diving for it.

4. Eat fibrous food. Eating food with lots of fibre will not only make you feel fuller and more satisfied but will cause blood sugar levels to stabilize.

5. Be sure to get enough sleep. A poor night’s sleep can cause sugar cravings the next day.

6. Have fresh cut-up veggies ready to go. When a snack attack comes on you will have something at hand you can enjoy that is full of nutrients.

7. Do not emotionally beat yourself up if you have a treat or two. This only exacerbates your stress about it causing you to throw your hands up and eat ten more.

8. Drink more water. Water helps flush out toxins. Toxins cause stress on our bodies. We don’t like stress do we?

So knowing that sugar really knocks down our immunity and raises our stress levels is it really worth it? Does that 10 second hit of sweet sugary heaven override a full day of feeling good? That’s what I thought. OK, let’s cleanse your home by packing up those remnants of Halloween past and cast those little demons away!

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