The Divorcee Has Arrived!

My writing generally focuses on self-improvement and human potential, therefore I am often seen as a traditional self-help non-fiction writer.  That is starting to sound a bit boring.  And the worst thing anyone could ever call me is boring! So this time I wanted to show my playful side and wrote something a little juicier – a romance!  What fun I had writing it!


Now don’t be disappointed — they are plenty of life lessons and subtle messages peppered throughout, but it is served in the most delicious manner.

The Divorcee may be steamy and edgy but it is certainly relatable.  If you ever experienced a bad breakup, separation or divorce then The Divorcee is for you!


Back of the book description:

Allie thought the divorce was mutual until a new love interest expressed his desire to be her new lover.  She knew it was too soon to entertain anything new but her strong craving for love and passion trumped any logic she possessed.  It wasn’t her only sexy mistake. Her moody controlling ex-husband, Steve, threatens to destroy her new life unless she accepts his ultimatum — sleep with him one more time.  Will Allie ever be able to reclaim her power and live the life she truly wants? Or will she continue to make choices that will only momentarily gratify her?


Check out what reviewers had to say about The Divorcee!  It received three 5-star ratings!


If you enjoyed the book please post your review on Amazon or offer it as your next book for your book club (I am picturing the movie, The Book Club, with Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton).


Happy reading!





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