About Treena Wynes

My name is Treena Wynes and I would define myself as a strong advocate for disenfranchised populations and someone who is active in the community taking on initiatives where there are gaps in services or supports for people. I have a tough time turning a blind on social issues or just sitting around and complaining about them. I take action even if it’s in just small ways. I am also a mother, wife, Registered Social Worker (with 25 years of experience), co-founder of Ignite the Life Suicide Prevention Conference (and other various conferences), award-winning published author, previous radio show host (Life Happens. Let’s Talk), a public speaker and a former executive director of three non-profit organizations. People ask me ‘how do you do it all?’  My answer is I sleep well, eat healthy, play and laugh often. My love language is service to others, however, in order to take care of others, I make efforts in taking care of myself which is not always easy in this hectic ever-changing world.

My hope with my projects is to create awareness and generate discussions around the way our thoughts, moods, and feelings have an intense impact on our lives.  We have the power within ourselves to turn things around by investigating the reasons behind the recycling of our destructive thoughts. It’s easy to be distracted and avoid what is really going on inside us due to the constant stimulation and pleasures that are only a click of a button away. Eventually everything will bubble up to the surface causing an emotional or mental breakdown of some sort, “1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. By age 40, about 50% of the population will have or have had a mental illness.” – Canadian Mental Health Association

Teens have it worse today than back in my day growing up. I have counselled and worked with teens for over 16 years who all have told me they feel like they are the only one struggling. Of course, this is not the case and I felt I needed to write Am I the Only One?  Struggling Being A Teen to ensure every teen out there feels comfort that they are not alone no matter how unique they feel their challenges are. My teen book has won two international awards.

My latest book, Our Breaking Point: How COVID Has Us Exhausted, Irritable and Agitated, is a manifesto of COVID-19 and what we have collectively overcome, but also how our emotional and mental health has reached a breaking point.

My blog is a mixture of information derived from research related to current issues and to my personal and professional experiences.  I hope you find something here that is valuable that you can relate to and understand you are not alone.

My radio show, Life Happens Let’s Talk, is still available on the Voice America Radio Network Empowerment Channel.  

Today I am a consultant who assists Indigenous communities exploring readiness with taking over child and families services responsibilities under Bill C-92 and support building their community prevention programs. I am contemplating entering the political scene as I feel our government requires more diversity and a stronger voice for those who don’t have access to supports and resources. My hope is to one day help position them in a more empowered state creating a better life for all.