Am I The Only One?

“…an excellent, lasting guide…a great discussion starter that teens and guardians can use together when issues arise.”

– Dr. Jerry Goebel, founder & developer, The Compassionate Focus and International Courtesy Projects


AITOO-webt’s not easy being a teen.  Entering the adult world of judgement and responsibility can be tough, especially when you’re already dealing with a changing body.  The need to stand on your own can conflict with your need to belong, and the overwhelming nature of it all can make you wonder if you’re the only one who feels this way.  Am I the Only One? helps you see your potential, providing tools to build confidence and hope, and letting you know that even if it feels like it, you are not alone.

Author: Wynes, Treena
ISBN: 9781927756379
Size: 5.50″ x 6.50″
Pages: 208
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“…thoughtful and relatable.” – Arielle Piche, counsellor, Catholic Family Service

 Eating Myself Crazy

Treena’s poignant story made me laugh, made me cry, but most importantly made me feel empowered. She tells her story in a compassionate, easy-to-understand way that everyone should be able to relate to. Her hands-on approach will allow readers to explore and heal their own relationships with food.

– Mary E. Pritchard,Ph.D., Huffington Post & Psychology Today blogger


Eating Myself CrazyEating Myself Crazy is a useful, intimate guide written in plain English. This pocket-sized book shares simple bites of important mind/body facts, and encourages the reader to dig deep to uncover deeply hidden reasons for seeking out emotional relief in food.

Treena offers simple and flexible strategies that can be used to suit any individual’s lifestyle and needs because she understands the work and dedication required stop the addiction cycle, and maintain a healthy relationship with food and eating.

An experienced and active coach, speaker, workshop trainer and blogger, Treena’s goal is to help empower people to overcome their dependence on food to cope with stress, and to do it in a way that demystifies, simplifies and de-jargonizes the vast and often conflicting barrage of information we face in today’s information bloated society.

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length: 192 pages
published: March 2013
isbn/sc: 9780987810564
isbn/ebook: 9780987810571
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I’m probably the last person to read a diet book as I’ve never been on a diet. But Eating Myself Crazy is much more than that… It’s an honest exploration of the warped relationship we often have with food and the harm it does to our health, personal relationships and mental well-being. It’s full of good tips, even for a non-dieter like me!

– Amy Jo Ehman, Food blogger/columnist and author of Prairie Feast: A Writer’s Journey Home for Dinner (Coteau Books).