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One Food Marketing Ploy That Cons Us

  There is no question: we are becoming more interested in what we are eating and starting to look for healthier, low-calorie foods with natural ingredients. With the rise of chronic diseases and obesity rates we are starting to acknowledge that what we eat may be contributing to our declining health, and seeking out foods […]

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Why Smells Trigger Cravings

Have you ever noticed that smells can spark strong memories? Some smells can transport you back to your childhood days, or to a very special moment in your life. My mood can instantly change when I walk past a theatre popping a new batch of popcorn. Catching a whiff of the hot buttery corn boosts […]

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4 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy While Travelling

I turn to travelling in order to stimulate my senses, restore my energy, and get away from my normal routine. Unfortunately, the disruption of my routine can throw my digestive system out of balance, especially if I fall completely off the rails in my eating and drinking habits. I think you have an understanding of […]

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