Summer 2021 Half Over So Double Up the Fun!

It’s hard to believe summer 2021 is half over. Back–to-school commercials are starting up and school supplies are out on the shelves.  We can’t complain that we hadn’t had a lot of sunshine.  Likely another record hot one.

If you have a lake cottage I envy you.  It was the perfect summer to be at the lake.  For the rest of us non-cottage owners summer holidays likely were staycations, summer day trips or road trips visiting neighboring states or provinces.  At least summer 2021 doesn’t have the travel restrictions of summer 2020.  And it’s nice to see everyone’s smiling faces!


My summer plans involved launching a couple book projects (in between hanging out on sunny pub patios).  The pandemic of 2020 allowed me some time for writing. What else is one to do in a six-month lockdown other than DIY renovations and making succulent planters? Oh, get a COVID pet! Yep, got the Bernese puppy. Apparently gold medalist, Tom Daley took up knitting during the pandemic. Maybe a lockdown was good to a few of us.

Writing is a craft I continue enjoy in my free time but this time around I thought I would try a new genre, YA.  My new young adult fantasy book series is about half-blooded angels fighting against half-demons (and straight out nasty demons too) taking over the world.  The series is called Agents of Angels. It may sound like the same old story of angels versus demons but it’s not.  It’s dark, sarcastic, quirky and super creepy.  The main character is a 17 year old troubled teen with a drinking problem.  She ends up in a court appointed rehab center after she almost kills herself in a car crash.  There she learns the world is not what it seems as there is a spiritual war brewing between heaven and hell.  Whether she believes it or not she can potentially be the key to the good side winning, but she has to learn her new powers and quickly.

Book one, Diamond in the Rough, was released in May on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Nobel and Kobo as an e-book.  It is just been added to Audible as of yesterday.  Super excited about that!

Fallen Fathers, book two of the Agents of Angels series, was released less than a month ago.  It is the dueling of fathers.  Diamond’s angelic father has been missing for a long time.  He re-surfaces and Diamond desperately tries to hunt him down.  But she is not the only one after him and he is not a nice guy.

I have book three, the last book of the Agents of Angels series, in draft but might be a couple months until I can fine tune it.  Summer has me out and about re-connecting with friends and family who I haven’t seen for some time.  Now that we are coming into mid-August I am going to hit it double-time.  The winters are long here in Canada and the outdoor patios close mid-October.

If you are taking a break from the renewed hustle and bustle and leisurely laying about on a beach, couch or chaise lounger I invite you to check out my books.  They are meant to be read up in a couple days and not to take up your whole summer. I feel with the world re-opening and the sun gloriously shining we are too busy taking in the events of summer 2021: gathering in groups and socializing until late into the evenings.  We have a lot of catching up to do! But if you looking for some summer reads to enjoy, either reading or listening, I got you both covered with Amazon and Audible.

Enjoy the rest of summer 2021! Don’t forget the sunscreen.

For the first three people who have read my blog here are three promo codes to get free copy of my Audible version of Diamond in the Rough, Agents of Angels! Don’t forget to leave a review!  Happy #Summer2021  : )


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