Dear Universe, It’s All Looking GOOD for 2019

It really is quite incredible what can happen in one year.  This time last year I was unemployed (my choice) and unsure what laid ahead of me.  During that time I was going back and forth from a nervous restless energy to a I-deserve-time-off energy.  Reading last November’s post I was not in a good place.  Not many people have the luxury of walking away from a job but I did. Who knew it was the best thing I ever could do for myself.  Thank you, Universe.

I had no plan and to top it off I told myself I was not going to accept just anything that comes along.  Seriously how selfish does that sound?  Trust me it took a lot of self-work to get there.  Having competitive, restless, high-energy tendencies my motivation lies towards work that involves constant crisis, tight deadlines, multi-tasking and getting shit done.  I’m good at it and it feeds my ego.  Well that’s not necessarily great if you don’t know how or when to shut it off.  I loved the adrenaline rushing through my bloodstream but after my body and mind being revved up for a sustained period of time the cracks started to show.  Then when I was told more needs to be done, it was like time suddenly stopped.  Thankfully I recognized doing more was not in my best interest (even being offered more money) — I respectfully resigned.

I was ready to live life on my own terms.  My desire was for a better work-life balance.  At the time it seemed almost unrealistic to ask for but I envisioned, meditated and told the universe I was ready. The day came and it was handed to me.  However, it involved me leaving all my comforts. Lucky for me I am adventurous.  That decision was like leaping off a ledge with my eyes closed hoping I land on something soft.


That was six months ago and I am still in awe.  I can’t even describe how wonderful it is to enjoy moments of calmness and stillness.  My workplace is surrounded by nature, with the sea at my front door and the forest in the back.  Nothing moves fast.  It was a bit frustrating at first but I am learning that everything comes in time.  The remoteness forces me to learn patience (over and over and over).  Not much is really in my control; even the weather has been a great teacher.

I am learning that life doesn’t always have to be a race.  In fact, it’s more like a marathon where you require endurance, mental strength and knowledge of when to release spurts of energy and when to hang back.  But best of all, you get to look around, get lost in your head — not always staring at the finish line.

I feel this coming year I will be in great shape to discover new layers about myself, my work and my relationships.  I hope to expand my knowledge, my career and my partnerships in terms of balance and harmony.  I don’t doubt I will be constantly on the move with travel but again securing moments of being in the now and enjoying the scenery.  So far my favorite part has been meeting numerous interesting people and learning lessons from them.  I am fairly outgoing and not afraid to strike up conversations with strangers.  I recommend trying it.

Beautiful energy will be with me this year — I can feel it already. I have some exciting events coming up such as speaking at the Fearless Women’s Summit in Las Vegas and New York plus a couple promotions of my new book, The Divorcee. The faith I have in my path has released me from the pressure I had once felt.  My family situation and physical living environment allow me one of the greatest opportunities I could ever ask for.  Some say balance is not achievable, especially in a leadership position, but I have had a few moments of it.  So I will seek more of them but not in an obsessive way.  Fighting for it does not bring balance.


Just riding this glorious wave this year is good enough for me but I don’t doubt new perspectives will be revealed to me along the way — that is for once exciting enough for me (no adrenaline required).


Happy New Year everyone and may your 2019 be filled with cheer, peace and love.


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