You Are The Author Of Your Own Life Story

There is no doubt that certain things or people in your life influence your thinking, therefore your behavior.  However, you ultimately hold the power in your decision-making and every decision big or small impacts your life.

The beginning of your life story has developed due to your childhood environment or the setting you grew up in.  Your early ideas of your world may have been formed due to painful or frightful experiences or events.  You would have felt you had no control over your surroundings.  However, as we grow and enter adulthood it is essential we revisit these disempowering truths or we will remain victims of our circumstances.

Being a victim is the most disempowering stance we can put ourselves in.  It cements us in our circumstances.

Life can be harsh sometimes.  We have all suffered losses or major disappointments.  Not everything and everyone is in our control but our response to unexpected disruptions or painful events are in our control.  Healing and forgiveness may need to take place after the shock and anger passes.  Again it is a choice and doesn’t just happen.  Often people don’t want to make choices because then it means some sort of action needs to take place.

Doing something different than you would normally do takes courage but it will open new doors and possibilities for you.  You are in charge so take your story where you want it to go.  Think about what you need to do to take your story to the next level.  You have more power than you think.  You are the author of your own life, start writing.





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