Your Story Matters

Do you have a story to tell? I bet you do. Not only do we all have stories to tell but we also have stories that contain lessons that could be very valuable to someone else. I am fortunate to be given the amazing opportunity to provide a platform for others to tell their stories. On my radio show, Life Happens Let’s Talk, I have guests regularly coming on giving a very personal piece of themselves in order to help and inspire others.

All humans share the experience of tragic painful things that just randomly happen. Recovery usually involves healing of some kind especially when trying to find some sense of closure. My guests are not just coming on my show telling about the difficult events and situations that they have endured but they are completely exposing their heart and soul in the hope of making a positive impact for those who are going through similar circumstances. These memories can be bittersweet for the storyteller, as gratefulness and heartache are intertwined.

I appreciate my guests for their courage and bravery in telling their stories in such public forum (international radio show). It wasn’t untiI I had told my own personal story of a very painful loss in my own life that I realized how raw and exposed my guests must feel. When we tell our stories about pain, loss and heartache the masks and walls come down. We are authentic but we are also vulnerable. This is difficult for someone like me who doesn’t usually crack under pressure and who is seen as a strong woman and leader. But I am also wise enough to know that vulnerability can draw out many wonderful and beautiful things such as helping us connect at a deeper human level and set alight to feelings of compassion with one and other and ourselves. The world becomes a better place.

Our stories are powerful especially when they are fueled with love, compassion, courage and the strong desire to help those who are just beginning their healing journey. Stories are powerful so please considering sharing your story.

Your story, your voice and your message matters.

–     Treena Wynes

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