Was That This Year? My Year In Review


This is generally the time where we evaluate the year that just passed and think about areas of improvement for the one ahead of us.  Thinking about 2016 I found that I couldn’t remember if what I had done was this past year or the year before (or even the year before).  My memories were all blurred, foggy and lost altogether.  As many do if they forget what event happened in what time period I grabbed my phone and looked at my work calendar and ran through all my photos.  Good grief, did I do all that?  How is it that I can’t vividly remember all those memories?  Then I realized something.  It is because I am moving too fast.  I am always rushing towards the next goal, trying to forge the next path or working on whatever seems important to me that week. When I complete, conquer or attain it I move on to the next forgetting about what I just did. That is not good.

Externally the world surrounding me tells me I have done a lot of positive work or accomplished many things.  Internally I dismiss them because I am frustrated that I am not able to do enough or complete what is needed fast enough.  That is also not good.  I am intelligent enough to know this is self-critical BS and I need to stop it.  These thoughts are blocking my view of what I have achieved and I need to be proud of them.  The pile of “to-do’s” should not keep me from patting myself on the back once in a while.

Therefore, my new year’s resolution is to celebrate the small victories longer, embrace free time and do nothing, remind myself of special times by surrounding myself with notes, emblems or symbols.  But most of all I need to keep my mind in the present and not always be looking into the future.  I want to be able to remember.  To support this I have made a memory jar.  I will only put in notes about happy, peaceful and grateful moments ensuring I acknowledge them more.  The year of 2017 will be remembered.



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